Creative Economies

CreativeEconomies is a venture by ZHdK in collaboration with RISE Management Innovation Lab, University of St. Gallen and the Critical Thinking Initiative, ETH Zurich. This venture curates experiments, projects and initiatives that design and investigate new opportunities for value creation across global networks. Thereby, this not for profit venture develops and debates valuation devices for cultural, technological and economic performance.

London Panel 2016 documentation now online

The panel documentation gives a broad insight into the way of curating culture. Firstly, in terms of knowledge. Secondly, in view of observations and impressions of how the panel unfolded. Thirdly, on places and practices. Finally, an outlook is given on the current challenges and responsibilities of art education institutions.
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London Panel 2016

On 20 May 2016 Zurich’s and London’s Creative Industries will come together in a workshop at the Zurich meets London Festival (17 - 21 May) focusing on how to engage with cultural policy and entrepreneurial strategies. The session will be hosted by leading European arts and design institutions.

Press release Creative Economy Report 2016

CreativeEconomies presents new report at today’s ZHdK annual media talk.
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Creative Economy Report 2016

The report provides new approaches to the Creative Economy in Switzerland along defined submarkets of the Creative Industries. Furthermore it focuses on national and global key issues such as value creation, modes of cooperation, processes of creation, practices and processes of the involved actors.
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Leonardo Express

On the ZHdK Breakfast platform, in its “Leonardo Express“ series, researcher Frédéric Martel discusses curation in the digital age.